Freedom Summit

5-day event packed with business tips, networking, shameless money talk, and scaling secrets.

Over 10k worth of Templates, Gifts, PDFs to help you to learn the tools to build a business, create passive income and build the FREEDOM you crave! 

Our Freedom Summit Featured Experts

Nadalie Bardo


The Secret to Building Your Business with Pinterest

Scott Aaron


The 4 Layers Of LinkedIn

Sarah Weiss


Speech-Language Pathologist to TikTok Strategist!

Wendy Breakstone


How to Create an Easy Lead-Generation Machine with Micro Audio Summits™️

Bec McFarland


Automate and Celebrate - How Systems and Automations Can Help You to Focus on the Work that Truly Lights You Up

Sharon McCaskill


How Google Can Bring You [FREE] Leads on Autopilot

Lucille Roache


How to identify the right income generating activities for your business

Alex Lianne Carter


How to Reach Peak Performance Without Burnout

Andrea Cristancho


Ditch the hustle narrative for good, in 9 simple steps!

Ashleigh McGarity


Explode Your Visibility, Authority, and Connection with 10x Video

Kayshaun Brooks


Networking, collaborations and building relationships to grow your own affiliate program.

Carol Register


Changing the Money Mindset You Inherited

Cheryl Folland


What makes you tick: overwhelm, planning, and personal growth

Lei Lopez


Energetic Selling according to your Destiny Wealth Blueprint

Caroline Wong


How to acheive your goals through hypnotherapy

Jason Withers


Profit First Freedom

Tameeka Leon


How to achieve your goals without sacrificing your sanity

Patricia Soares


3 Steps to Consistent Revenue

Karyn Kokeny


YOU Hold the Key to Your Freedom

Jennifer Bilger


Behavioral Sales

Jenny Suneson


How to Start a Profitable Podcast Without Breaking the Bank

GaVonne Hamilton


Creating systems to maximize the performance and productivity to grow your business

Hannah Cremona


Resiliency & Joy in the Online Biz Space

Claire Maynard


It's Time to Get in Front of The Camera And Get More Sales

Samantha King


Take back control of your lead generation by borrowing other people's audiences...and never be at the mercy of social media again!

Althea Walters


Setting Up Your Business for Success

Donna Dube


How to Use Data to Skyrocket Your Business Growth

Ana Gaeta


How to REALLY BE Free from the NUMBERS running your life: Time, Finances, Age and Size

Cari Brunton


Get More Clients Using Webinars!

Jade Francesca


Create a Stream-Lined Media & Marketing Strategy to Reclaim Your Time (& Sell on Repeat!)

Kelsey Brooks


BDE/Owning Your Confidence to help you stand out and scale with ease

Kristal James


Funnels Freedom

Gabrielle Carsala


Make Boss Moves & Use Showit as an (almost) all in one funnel system

Kathy Grassett


5 Money Mastery Secrets of the 6-Figure Entrepreneur Who Came from Corporate

Jordache Johnson


Relationship Currency: How To Consistently Make Relationship Deposits That Make Others Want To Help You Grow Your Business

Brooke KEKOS


How To Create your best life through the power of your mind

Paul Levitin


Ending Self-Sabotage and Unlocking Unlimited Self-Confidence

Einav Avni


What happens when we stop listening to our negative self talk

Mel Margaret


Crush Your Live/In

Person Events

Sophie Riley


The 2022 way to Crush Your Business Goals

Sophie Riley

I am Sophie Riley CO-Founder of The VIP Hub (Our All-In-One Sales & Marketing Platform), Automation 👑 and your host for this event. I help coaches and course creators build systems and passive income to free up their time and mental freedom so that they can focus on literally anything else while increasing their productivity and minimizing problems.

Join us for the [Oh My Gosh It's Free] Freedom Summit Event so that you can learn the tools to build a business, create passive income, build the FREEDOM YOU crave, and continue to bring leads and sales all summer long while you enjoy those Margs by the beach!

We have even included some networking opportunities! This is a Do Not Miss Event!

How long will I have to watch the interview!

Awesome Question, Smarty pants! You get access to all interviews for 5 days, and you can watch in any order that you want, though I will have some epic suggestions for you to make sure that it make sense for you, your business and your version of freedom! BONUS for this event, to celebrate the epic weather. I am going to release the Audios for the week so that you can listen and learn anywhere you are!

I don't have Facebook, Can I still watch the event!

Yesssss, This event is not hosted on Facebook so as long as you have a good internet connection, the drink of your choice and ready to get your mind BLOWN by these experts .. well you lucky duck are good to go!

How do we win prizes

Yes, Prizes are going to be picked randomly from everyone who participate in all sorts of networking activities! Details will come out closer to the event!

What does my free ticket include?

There is so much value included in your free ticket!

  • Access to 30+ trainings from amazing entrepreneurs, so you can learn, be challenged, get inspired, and take away actionable tips to help crush your business this year.
  • Access to all 30+ Audios so you can listen to us anywhere you are whether you are folding your laundry, running after your kids or enjoying a glass of wine.
  • Instagram Story templates to introduce yourself, your expertise and just have some fun (plus if you tag me in your stories, I will shout you out!)
  • The change to win amazing prizes
  • Awesome Gifts from our Expert Panel

I have more questions. Who do I ask?

If you still have more questions, please email me at! I am happy to help + I love to chat!

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